Daniel Marmoran
Birthday N/A
Age 18
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Hometown Hamburg, Germany
Eliminated From The Glee Project
Date August 27, 2012 (Individuality)
Place 12th

Daniel Marmoran is a contestant on season 3 of The Glee Project. He was eliminated in episode one, Individuality.


The youngest contestant this season, eighteen-year old Daniel has been singing for the last ten years, and performing in musicals since he was thirteen. Growing up he's been very insecure about himself, especially in the looks department, but hides those insecurities in his ambitious nature in school and taking care of others, even skipping a grade and beginning to study performing arts at the University of Hamburg. He wants to win The Glee Project for his best friend, whom he feels guilty about not standing up for while she was bullied in school.


  • His favorite contender of Season 1 were Alex and Hannah
  • His favorite contender of Season 2 were Lily Mae and Ali
  • He had a huge crush on Michael Weisman during Season 2
  • He is a great shipper of Klaine, Brittana and Samcedes
  • His favorite characters of Glee are Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez, Blaine Anderson, Brittany Pierce and Mercedes Jones
  • He grew up without dad, because his dad left his mother right after she told him that she was pregnant
  • His Twitter name is @DanielSings165!!!.