The Hope-Gabriel Relationship is the fictional relationship between Hope Jennings and Gabriel Arana. They are often referred to as Hopbriel or Jerana.

Episodes ForEdit


  • While Gabriel, Chad, and Tom jumped on the bed in celebration of making it to the house, Hope lightly teased that the boys were "dorks".
  • Hope and Gabriel walked into the recording studio together.
  • Promos released for the episode include a picture of Hope and Gabriel with their arms around each other looking close.


  • When Gabriel told Lyndsay to calm down, Hope supported him.


  • In her voice-over during yoga, Dana McCray commented that where Hope went, Gabriel followed.
  • In the recording studio for On The Floor, Hope and Gabriel sat next to each other on the couch.
  • When Hope was called back, she squeezed Gabriel's hand before leaving.


  • In the beginning of the episode, they're shot sitting extremely close together on the couch while the group talks about the week's theme.
  • During his confessional, Gabriel complimented Hope on her part in the Homework Assignment.
  • While waiting for the callback list, Hope and Gabriel were holding hands, and she complimented his performance. Right before he left, she told him to take deep breaths.


  • Gabriel states that he'll miss Hope a lot.

Off SetEdit

  • In their interviews, both contestants have stated that they were their closest friend on the show.
  • On Twitter, Dana stated that she shipped Hope and Gabriel.
  • During Dana and Lyndsay's blog chat, Hope stated that she and Gabriel were watching a film together.

Episodes AgainstEdit


  • Gabriel was dancing very intimately with Ellie Brooks in the On the Floor music video, and they may have kissed.
  • Hope was paired up with Tom Jenner during the music video, expressing how impressed she was with him constantly through the episode.
  • Hope hugged Aaron Robbins before he went to see the callback list, whispering her wish for him to come back.


  • Hope voted for Dana McCray instead of Gabriel to be called back in the Last Chance Performance.


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