The Lee-Lyndsay Relationship is the relationship (rivalry) between Lee Soo-nie and Lyndsay Willis. They are often referred to as Soo-Willis or Leesay.

Episodes ForEdit



Lyndsay's tweet to Lee after the premier of Tenacity.

  • During their LCP duet, Lyndsay and Lee seemed somewhat "in love" with each other.

Off SetEdit

  • On her twitter, Lyndsay publicly apologized for being such a b!tch to Lee that week. She continued and said that she found "the nice side of herself" later on in the competition.
  • Lee tweeted that despite the fact that her Lyndsay were enemies, their duet was actually quiet fun.

Episodes AgainstEdit


  • During a confessional, Lyndsay said that Lee was frustrating her because of her bad dancing.


  • Lyndsay and Lee got into a huge argument over lines before the HWA, Who's Laughing Now
  • During the music video, Forget You, Lyndsay hit Lee in the face with a dodgeball, breaking her nose.
  • The two were very upset that they had to perform a duet together for their LCP.
  • Lyndsay insulted Lee before the callback list was posted.
  • Lyndsay did not seem very sad that Lee has been eliminated, and was the only contender not to hug her or say goodbye.


See Tweets

  • Lyndsay's apology tweet to Lee
Lee-Lyndsay Relationship
Nickname Leesay


Intimacy Level Rivals, possibly friends
Status Rivals