Lyndsay Willis
Birthday N/A
Age 19
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Hometown Lindsay, California
Eliminated From The Glee Project
Date N/A
Place N/A

Lyndsay Willis is a contestant on season 3 of The Glee Project.


Never afraid to speak her quite forceful mind, Lyndsay proudly proclaims herself the bitch of the competition. She's been through quite a lot in her life-- parents divorced at age nine, an extremely rocky relationship with her step-mother and being attacked-- but that pales in comparison to the drama of her high school experience, where she was cruelly and publicly outted as bisexual. She threw herself into acting and song-writing, and came to really love Glee as a show that understood her. She wants to win The Glee Project to show the haters just how wrong they were.


  • She is a closeted bisexual.
  • Her favorite colors are deep purple, black and dark pink.
  • She is on Twitter several times a day.
  • She is a highly-skilled guitar player.
  • She's a tomboy, and doesn't often wear dresses unless she really, really has to.
  • She auditioned for America's Got Talent and got to the semi-finals, then was voted out.
  • Her favorite singers/bands are Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, Linkin' Park and Eminem.
  • She cannot stand Justin Bieber, One Directon and the Wanted. She thinks they are very overrated.
  • She is learning piano.
  • She hated Lee during the competition, but now, the two are becoming friends.
  • She is best friends with Dana, and the two live together in LA.
  • Her Twitter name is @lyndsaylove.
  • Her and Dana adopted a dog together, which they called Dansay, their ship name.
  • She has a tattoo on her left shoulder; it's a bird carrying a rose in its beak.



Lyndsay's Story

Lyndsay's Story

Lyndsay's Story (her step-mother and being attacked)