Season 1, Episode 5
Episode Guide

Theatricality is the fifth episode for season three of The Glee Project, a spin-off of Glee, in which young hopefuls compete for a seven episode guest starring role on the show.

Guest Mentor: TBA
Homework Assignment Winner: TBA
Eliminated: TBA


So here’s what you missed last week on The Glee Project: Adaptability had some challenges some contenders couldn’t handle. But some were able to fight through it, like Arianna, who secured herself first on the callback list… again. Lyndsay followed the mentor’s advice for once and also made it to the callback list, as did Ellie, Chad, and Hope. Dana struggled with the outfit again, while Gabriel couldn’t dance. But in the end, it was Tyler that was sent home. Now only eight contenders (Ellie, Hope, Dana, Tom, Lyndsay, Gabriel, Arianna, and Chad) are left to compete for a guest-starring role on glee. And that’s what you missed last week on The Glee Project!

The episode begins with Dana and Lyndsay waking up around five in the morning to the sound of intense coughing in the girl’s bathroom. Worried, the two get up and hurry to the source of the coughing, to find Hope vomiting up blood. Terrified, Lyndsay calls nine-one-one while Dana get’s Robert. Everyone else is up by this point. Soon, the hospital is there to take Hope to the emergency room. Robert tells the other contenders that until they get news from the hospital, Hope will remain on a “leave of absence”.

After everyone has calmed down, Robert says that even though it’s really early in the morning, he may as well tell them their week’s theme and homework assignment, which is Theatricality and You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oats. Gabriel states that even though he misses Hope, he’ll try and have fun with this week’s theme. Lyndsay says in a confessional that Theatricality is her week.

Preparing for the performance goes smoothly, Tom and Chad manage choreography while Lyndsay help’s assign lines. And when it’s time for the performance the next day, everyone is super pumped, including the guest mentor, Vanessa Lengies, who was really excited to meet the contenders that week.

After the performance, Vanessa says that Lyndsay and Tom, no doubt about it, were two of the only contenders that stuck out the most to her. But in the end, Tom impressed her the most, and was thus chosen as the first male homework assignment winner of the season.

Robert congratulates Tom, who will receive a one-on-one mentoring session with Vanessa, as well as a standout moment in the music video, which is…

…Blame It On The Alcohol!!!