Tom Jenner
Birthday N/A
Age 19
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Hometown Manhattan, New York
Eliminated From The Glee Project
Date N/A
Place N/A

Tom Jenner is a contestant on season 3 of The Glee Project.


Tom was born and raised in Manhattan, and felt like the happiest kid in the world during his childhood: he had a lot of friends, he had the best grades in school, and he loved the city. Everything was perfect until his parents divorced and Tom fell into a depression as his world was ripped apart. Fortunately, he found a way of smiling again: singing. When he found out that he had a great voice, he participated in his school's talent show and won. Since then he's focused his life on singing, dancing, and acting. He's also become well-known around his friends for the value he puts on honesty-- he says he's got a built-in lie detector and isn't afraid to guilt people that try to pull one over on him. Tom wants to win The Glee Project to get the chance to work with amazing singers, actors, and choreographers, all while showing the world what he has to offer.


  • His Favorite Season 1 contendor was Cameron
  • His Favorite Season 2 contender was Blake
  • He stated that his best friends on the show were Gabriel and Chad.
  • His Twitter name is @tomjenner.